Team Information

Everyone loves having the team option, and it has been very popular year after year! Any team that registers six or more members, and raises $200 minimum (collectively as a team), has the option to design, and put on the sleeve of their race t-shirt a custom logo. The member that creates the team will have the ability to view how much the team has raised, and how many members the team has on it. HOWEVER, you can create a team with as many members on it as you like (it can be a team of 1) and NO fundraising goal. The fundraising goal, and 6 members is only for those who want to take advantage of the custom logo option.

Custom logos are to be designed by the team, and emailed to no later than 5 weeks prior to the race. Please note that logos can only be printed in ONE COLOR. Donation checks for the minimum can be made by cash, check, or credit card. Please email to discuss payment option, or you can raise it all via the registration site.

ALL teams MUST designate ONE MEMBER to pickup ALL packets. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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